What’s been happening? / ¿Lo que estamos haciendo?

Claudia Uruchurtu was forcibly disappeared on Friday 26th of March 2021. Since then family and friends have been fighting for justice. This is our blog it is dedicated to fighting for justice with news and reflections on Claudia’s case and disappeared in Mexico. If you want to help please contact us or see what’s been done.

18 Months

18 months since Claudia went to a public gathering one evening, and she never came back. Never seen again and no-one saw what happened. Since then, there have been arrests and a protracted court case Since then, her work as an activist has become more public. To those who silenced her, it did not workContinue reading “18 Months”

Va por Claudia – We made it to Santiago

On 26th March 2021, Claudia Uruchurtu was forcibly taken after a demonstration against the local authorities in the town of Nochixtlan, Oaxaca state, Mexico.   For several years, Claudia documented and filed many complaints against the Nochixtlan’s authorities, for mismanagement of public funds, embezzlement, nepotism, as well as intimidation and abuses against the population of theContinue reading “Va por Claudia – We made it to Santiago”

Va por Claudia- Km 49

As we walk the Camino, I think of you, imagining how much you would have enjoyed the views -and how much we would complain to each other about achy feet! I’ve been remembering our childhood home, that big house with its central patio, where there would be random combinations of dogs, sheep, turkeys and parakeetsContinue reading “Va por Claudia- Km 49”

Va por Claudia

“I heard your voice in the wind today and I turned to see your face; The warmth of the wind caressed me as I stood silently in place” Annon It’s been many months since Claudia was taken away. We think of you every day. I carry you in my heart always little sis. Un 2016Continue reading “Va por Claudia”

… a prayer dedicated to Claudia

Last month we were touched deeply by the exhibition of THE LUMINOUS MYSTERIES by Helen Blejerman dedicated to Claudia. A few photo’s from the thought provoking piece at S1 Artspace, Sheffield, UK. Thank you Helen It is now 16 months since Claudia disappeared.

Thank you …

Once again we are so thankful of your support. On Sunday we ran the Round Sheffield Run 21km’s round our lovely city. Liz ran with Claudia on her heart. Thank you so much for your support


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